Performing Artists & Musicians

As a performer, we know that your time is limited.  Our firm is tailored to meet the specific needs of artists with a desire to obtain services without adherence to a traditional schedule. Whether you are an established artist, an emerging entrepreneur or still working a 9-5 and ready to make the transition and struggling with your next steps, we have the knowledge to assist you. In this business, the most important steps are those that keep you, your work, and your reputation protected. With our assistance, you will be visible as a professional artist have the best strategy to put you on the fast-track to manifesting the career of your dreams.

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Visual Artists & Writers

J.A. Williams Law is dedicated to helping visual artists and writers navigate the potentially intimidating, highly competitive worlds of visual and literary art. Whether we are reviewing agreements for a gallery exhibit, your work-for-hire contract, or a or even negotiate a contract between you and a potential literary agent, we have the knowledge to help you obtain the best arrangement to exploit your work. We understand that you would prefer to spend your time creating, and The Artist Empowerment Firm allows you the freedom to do just that, with the confidence of knowing your legal matters are being handled competently with your best interests in mind.

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Creative Entrepreneurs

J.A. Williams Law understands as a small business owner your needs are multifaceted and we are prepared to meet the challenge. As a business owner, we have first-hand knowledge of how to competently draft and file your legal permissions to successfully establish a business in New York state. Regardless of the business you want to establish (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC), rest assured that J.A. Williams Law will help you determine the right entity and guide you through the process from start to finish. Be empowered knowing you have hired the right legal team to build your business.

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The Firm

J.A. Williams Law P.C. (“The Artist Empowerment Firm”), is a solo transactional law firm based in New York empowering artists to gain control of their careers through knowledge, professional development, and guiding them in creating a strategy to manifest their vision. We are designed to represent you in your career from beginning to stardom and keep you informed at every stage. J.A. Williams Law is the professional corporation of Jo-Ná A. Williams, Attorney and Vision Strategist. As our commitment to empowering our clients, we offer a virtual law office platform that allows you the ability to stay informed on all your important matters securely and confidentially.

Empowering you is my top priority!

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What Distinguishes Us?

You are in the driver’s seat! You have control over your career. You are empowered through the knowledge my firm provides to reach your highest potential and ultimate goal. It is all about you. I am here to help you manifest your dreams at a reasonable rate and help you take your career to the “next level!” We deeply believe in the talent of every client we serve so we will do our best guide you in the most effective legal choices for your career. The Artist Empowerment Firm offers you full transactional representation, full transparency and full guidance at your convenience. My firm thrives on consistent, timely communication with all my clients to keep you informed on your progress.

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The Promise

The Artist Empowerment Firm is YOUR law firm. We will empower you through knowledge from a trusted source concerned with protecting your best interests. In this digital age, content is more readily available than ever and artists need education regarding the best revenue generating opportunities and protection of their most precious commodity: their intellectual property. We are dedicated to creating a sense of relief for all our clients as we know that business matters can be stressful. We will equip you will the knowledge you need to successfully navigate your career without overwhelming you. Confidence. Knowledge. Protection. That is our promise to you.

Be Empowered!

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